Real Estate Research & Consultancy

Research Services
We provide our clients with research and consultancy services at the local and global level covering all aspects of property markets. These include:

  • Local and Global market analysis reports
  • Market trends, analysis and reports
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Investment strategy

In order to do this, Axis Real Estate conducts in-depth surveys of all sectors on a regular basis. This enables us to offer insightful intelligence and necessary outlook tools and to accurately gauge the market both historically and on a forecasted basis. Axis Real Estate Research is also able to provide subscription services for market forecasting and performance benchmarking, as well as strategic advice.

Consulting Services
The Axis Real Estate Consulting team provides real estate solutions, advising landowners, developers, investors, corporations and public sector organizations in relation to all aspects of property development, including the provision of advice during both the inception and implementation stages of the development process. Working closely with other agency teams, the Axis Real Estate Consulting team ensures that the advice provided fully reflects all of the key issues associated with the future ownership, marketing and management of any development project.

Developer Consultancy Services
Taking market research recommendations further, the Developer Consultancy Services team is able to advise on development concepts, designs, specifications and market preferences, from technical specifications for grade "A" offices to provision of finishes in residential developments. The team combines experienced professionals and in-depth market knowledge to best serve our clients with property initiatives and innovative solutions to seize development opportunities in the market.